Conversion marketing, the importance of users actions

What “conversion” means

When we talk about conversion marketing we should start by defying what “conversion” means.

“Conversion” is the concrete action of users on a webpage. In online marketing, this word has different nuances of meaning according to business goals: sale, visibility, click, download, ad revenue, every action that turns users into clients.

In other words, “conversion” defines a specific action made by users in reaction to marketing stimulation which represents the aim of a campaign.

Attention… Conversion!

On paper seems extremely easy: a user is looking for something on the web and search engine suggests a set of results based on keywords. The same user chooses the first result, reads the page and purchases, clicks on the action suggested by the call to action. 

Such a good fairytale! If only the maximum level of attention on the web was more than 8 seconds

Any marketer faces many pitfalls in digital advertising and if the webpage doesn’t fulfil immediately users needs or cleary does not guide to the required action, a potential customer will leave the page rapidly.

Analysis based on activities aimed to conversion  

When we talk about conversion marketing, a good audience analysis goes hand-in-hand with a concrete marketing activity.

For this reason, traffic and web page analysis are fundamental: marketers should consider all factors that may lead the user outside and identify all the unclear passages that may cause loss of interest. 

Once data collection and analysis are done, marketers may evaluate activities that bring users to complete the action consistent with business purposes. 

Pay attention to several factors: website design, content marketing, registration funnel, microcopy, call to action and pop-up which reminds users to buy/ask for info before leaving the page.

Clear, simple, immediate

Every part of a website must be clear, immediate, catchy and in tune with the desired traffic. Despite a perfect SEO, a website that doesn’t fulfil usability rules may lead marketers to worst nightmares: shopping cart drop-out or, even worse, users escaping from the website.

For a happy conversion, it is advisable to:

  • communicate simply and clearly
  • choose catchy images
  • refine every single detail, from call to action colour to heading text
  • think user-friendly

In conclusion, marketers should pay attention to conversion rates to reach a good return on investment, whatever it is.

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