Conversion marketing, the importance of user’s actions

What we mean by “conversion”?

When we talk about conversion marketing we should define the concept inside this term. With “conversion” we mean the concrete and real action of the user on a webpage. For that, the term will have a different shade depending on the business ultimate goal: sale, visibility, click, download, adv revenue, every action of the user that brings him/her to become a client. Academical defined, a conversion is a specific action made by the user to answer marketing stimulation and that represent the aim of a campaign.

Attention… Conversion!

On paper, it seems extremely easy: the user is looking for something on the web and the search engine gives him/her a series of results based on the keywords. The same user chooses the first result, reads the page and purchases, clicks o does the action suggested by the call to action. Such a good fairytale, if only the maximum level of attention on the web was more than 8 seconds. In fact, any marketer faces many pitfalls in digital advertising and if the webpage doesn’t fulfil immediately the user’s needs or does not guide cleary to the action desired, the potential customer will leave rapidly the page.

Analysis based on the activities aimed to conversion  

When we talk about conversion marketing, a good audience analysis goes hand-in-hand with the concrete activity of marketing. For this reason, it is fundamental to examine carefully our traffic and to consider all those factors that may lead the user outside our page by identifying all the unclear passages that may cause a loss of interest. Once we collect and analyse all the data, we can evaluate the activities that bring the user to complete the action consistent with business purposes. There are several factors involved: website design, content marketing, registration funnel, microcopy, call to action structure and reminds that pop up when the user is leaving the page.

Clear, simple, immediate

Every part of a website must be clear, immediate, catchy and in tune with the traffic we want to acquire. In fact, a website can ben technically perfect at SEO level but if it doesn’t fulfil the usability rules, marketers will face their worst nightmare: the shopping cart drop-out or, even worse, the escape from the website.

For a happy conversion, it is advisable to choose an accurate and simple communication with clear and catchy passages, making sure that every single detail, from the colour of the call to action to the header, is user-friendly.

In conclusion, to reach a good return on investment we must pay attention to the conversion rate, whatever it is.

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